Bathwater Drinker
Mar 12, 2022
so my first impressions of this girl?

first off, I had no idea who she was until I ran across her here. So.... I got all of her material in one shot last week. Did not experience her on TikTok, tease OF, escalating to B/G, etc.

I do like her body. She looks like a typical white female c-student community college student, and her content reflects that lol. She could be sooo much more. The lives are un-masturbatable because she's too annoying, too drunk, and I was simply distracted by the messy kitchen! There is just too much talk, and ffs, why don't these girls get their pets out of the room. And I am not a fan of BBC, so that made me sad. I was kind of a turn on to see her struggle with a big dick though. There was one live where she says a 6 inch dildo is big, I don't know if she meant girth or instertible length?

She just strikes me as lazy. That's why she does lives. Even without OF, this is literally what she does with her friends and cousins on a Friday night.

It is such a curse, the girls I find really attractive either 1) are non nude, or 2) have poor quality content. Could be so, so much more.


Bathwater Drinker
Dec 31, 2022
What about a collab with Johnny Sins or somebody like that? Would still be just for her OF and no need to expose herself on some mainstream shitty site.